1 way to address customer questions on your website

1 way to address customer questions on your website

What if they don’t get it? What if they need something else? Am I making my message clear? Do I need more copy?

There are so many what if’s when it comes to your business and it’s very easy to get caught up in them and stay stuck. The main what if, comes from addressing a possible (or clear) concern of a potential customer that then leads to making you wonder if they will get it.

So 1 simple way to address any additional concerns is…

A FAQs section!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now FAQs, can address your customers top questions, but also allows you to clear up any potential misunderstanding that you feel may get in the way of a sale.


Here are 3 additional reasons why FAQs are great for your website:


Saves time

Really, a FAQ section should be primarily a way to answer your customers top questions. If it’s doing that properly, you should see a decrease in emails asking for the same question, because you’ve already answered it.And if you do get questions, you can easily send them a link to your FAQ page so they can review.

Less emails = more time.

Sets boundaries

If you’re working with clients or selling products, a FAQ page give you the opportunity to set clear boundaries to what people can expect. This can come in the form of a return policy question or ‘what exactly am I getting when I make this purchase’ type of question.

For example: how many pages will I get in my web design? Can this product be sent as a gift?

Allows for inquiries on different projects (if desired)

This may not apply to your business and that’s okay. However, if you are open to the possibility of offering a different service or you have the skills to do some additional work, you can state that in your FAQs section, without it being in the forefront of your site.

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