10 Pieces Of Content From Your Website You Can Repurpose For Social Media To Save Time

Keeping up with content creation for social media can be HARD and honestly sometimes a major time suck. One way to make posting content a little easier and save you time is by re-purposing content you ALREADY have on your website. You probably have way more sharable info then you think, so rather than writing new stuff, use what you have. Here are 10 pieces of content from your website you can repurpose for social media to save time.

1. FAQs

Answer the frequently asked questions that are on your website and share them on social media. Your audience on social media is learning about you and will want to know the same information. Each question with their answer can be an individual post or set up as carousels or video content. So if you have 5 questions, you have 5 posts.

2. Services or Products

Talk about your services and walk your audience on social media through them. If you have one offer or one product, break up details into different posts. If you have multiple services, share what it is, who it’s for, why it’s great and how to book.

3. Your Process / How It Works

Alongside sharing your services, share what your process looks like or how a product works. You can break up your process in different sections like ‘how to book’, ‘pre-service’, what happens during the service, etc. Give people information so they feel comfortable with what to expect.

4. Testimonials

Share testimonials & reviews on your social media. It will showcase how your services or products have made an impact on peoples lives. If you have 3 or 4 testimonials, you can have 3 or 4 different posts.

5. Sign up Perks

Hopefully you have an email newsletter sign up on your website to collect emails. If you do, remind your audience members to sign up if they haven’t and share the exciting perks of signing up. This can definitely be a monthly post.

6. Mission statement

Tell your social media audience your mission statement and why you do what you do. It’s a simple yet impactful post that can connect your audience with your mission.

7. Meet the team / about the owner

Showcase you and your team! This can be a carousel post with multiple team members or split it up in multiple posts for each member. It’s nice to see who works for a company and who runs it, it makes a business feel more human.

8. Company Values

Just like your mission statement, share your company values. This will help you connect with likeminded individuals and potential clients or customers.

9. Press & Interviews

Similar to testimonials, share press features and interviews and show your social media followers how awesome you are!

10. Blog Posts

Promote your blog posts on social media! You’ve already taken time to write a blog post and provide valuable insight, share that on socials as well. You can either give the title and have people read online OR break down the post and share highlights. This will also help bring more traffic from social media to your website.

The great thing about these content options are that most of them can actually provide you more than just one piece of content. FAQs, testimonials, blog posts, etc. can be ongoing content you use for social media. Plus, they all give your social media audience an inside look at your business, work, process, & value → which gives them more reason to want to work with you or purchase from you!

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