2 exercises that’ll help you finally feel like the expert YOU already are!

2 exercises that’ll help you finally feel like the expert YOU already are!



Have you ever felt that you weren’t expert enough?

Have you ever wondered, why would someone pay ME for this?

Have you ever thought, everyone can do this, I’m not really that special?

Well, I definitely have!


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I used to think, why will someone hire me to build & design their website if they have free youtube videos, DIY builders & everything at their fingertips. I mean, doesn’t everyone find it easy? The answer is no.


Now you may be feeling this way, because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others in your field. Some that may have been in business for years. Some who may have had more education than you.

HOWEVER, your competitors aren’t your audience or your target market. (Unless, you’re showing them how to improve their businesses – which then, they already see you as an expert so stop doubting yourself!)

Your audience, your ideal clients, your target market – whatever you call them – DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW!!

There are people who don’t know how to design websites like I do, some people type at the speed of snail and that’s okay, some people don’t know how to cook, some people don’t know how to style themselves, some people don’t know what food to eat to be healthy, don’t know how to organize their process, don’t know how to do finances, don’t know how to buy a house, etc. etc. etc.


So stop taking your knowledge for granted! Share it! Because there is someone that needs your help. There is someone that you can help because you know more about a subject or have the skills that they don’t have.

Now, if you still don’t believe me… (which, hey, that’s cool – self-doubt is hard to overcome!) then check out these 2 easy exercises!

1. Take a look at your google history

Unless you delete your history on the daily, I’m certain there is something that you have looked up that comes in the form of a question…

How do you___? What is ____? How much ___? Where is ___?

Whatever your question or search was, you were looking for answers.

You were hoping someone else had them, you were hoping to expand your own knowledge. Whatever reason, you didn’t know something.

Now, as much as I’d love to say I know all – I don’t. I’m still asking and I’m still searching. Which means others are too! And the key here, is to understand that others may be asking questions that YOU have answers too.


2. Share with your friends, colleagues, followers, audience something new.

Whether it’s a random fun fact, news story, movie recommendation, instagram person, or business strategy – share something new with different groups of people.

I remember talking to a co-worker about whether she ever considered starting a business and she said yes, but she didn’t really know where to start – especially when it came down to websites and tech. A little lightbulb went off and realized, although there is already so much information out there, there could be new information, I could write that information, that could ultimately help her! At that instance, my competitors don’t matter. They only matter, if I’m not even willing to get in the game and show my expertise.

When you share about something new, I’m sure you’ll hear someone say, “hmm.. I didn’t know that, I hadn’t heard of that, what is that…”

Now, these exercises may not necessarily help you understand your target market more clearly – however, these exercises are intended to help you realize that your knowledge is worth it! It’s enough! In the eyes to some people, you’re already an expert! Why? because, again, not everyone knows what you know! And what that does allow, is for you to get rid of some self-doubt, gain a bit of confidence and share and share and share some more knowing that someone can benefit from your knowledge and skills! And sharing your expertise, whatever level that may be right now and as you grow, will allow others to view you as an expert as well!

Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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