14 Beautiful Shopify Font Pairings For Your Online Store

I’ve always felt that you needed very clear and simple pairings for Shopify. The way Shopify is set up is by having a body font and heading font and if you’re lucky with the theme and button font. Unless you want to customize and add custom CSS and custom fonts, you don’t have a lot of room to play. Which is why it’s important to have choose the right font pairing that will work best for all cases on your online store. So I’ve compiled my list of 14 beautiful Shopify font pairings for your online store. All of these fonts are available within Shopify’s typography settings so no custom coding is needed. Plus, I’ve provided a nice range of styles so hopefully one of these works for you – enjoy!

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Helvetica & arimo

Maripose Sans & Helvetica

Americana & Avenir Next

Arapey & Cormorant

Ubuntu & Open Sans

Prata & Lato

Pacifico & Poppins

Dosis & Quicksand

Questrial & Nunito Sans

ITC Novarese & Cabin

Oswald & Muli

Asul & ITC Stone Sans

Mouse Memoirs & Cabin

Antique Olive & Baskerville No 2

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