14 Ideas for Lead Magnets

So you want to create a lead magnet for your email list but you’re not sure where to start or what to create? Here are 14 ideas for lead magnets you can use for your business! Your business, what you offer & what your ideal client is really looking for should help you more closely determine which lead magnet will be the best choice. But, this should start giving you some ideas on what you can provide as a lead magnet.

Shop Discount

This may be the most common when it comes to e-commerce businesses. It’s also one of the main ways we’ve probably all have chosen to sign up for an email list. Essentially, you give a percentage or price discount off your products in exchange for their email. Think 15% off code when you sign up. This will only be possible if you are selling something.

Free Shipping

Another type of discount but works well for product based businesses. Instead of giving a percentage off the item, you are providing free shipping in exchange for their email. Again, this lead magnet would be specific for physical product businesses.


Worksheets, Guides & Checklists

Worksheets, guides & checklists can actually work really well for almost any business. It’s all about providing quality information to your audience that can help get them results or solve a problem quickly. This not only showcases your expertise but is providing a resource that helps move them along. These can be as simple as a 1 page checklist to a multi-page pdf or google doc. (I have some guides & worksheets in the resource library!)


Stock Photos

Free stock photos can be a great lead magnet, especially for photographers. If you are selling premium stock photos, run a photo membership or have photography services, this is a great way to give your customers a chance to see and use your work before purchasing. (I have some free stock photos in the resource library!) (Others that do this are Social Squares & Moyo Studio)


Lightroom Presets

Another great lead magnet idea for photographers. Lightroom presets can be sold as a digital product and help people and fellow photographers alike. Giving a free preset gives them a chance to try one out before they buy.


Email Course

An email course is a great way to trickle in information in smaller, more digestible way through their email. Plus, I feel that it makes your new subscriber eager and more accepting in getting emails from you. You are pretty much creating a mini course all sent via email and it’s another way of using information as a lead magnet.



Ebook is another way to share and give away information for free, however, ebooks are much more extensive and share a lot more information than a checklist or guidebook. Again, this is about sharing useful information that will help your subscriber move forward.


Design Templates

Templates are perfect for designers or creatives in general. These can be social media templates, graphic templates, website templates, etc. It saves your subscriber time and showcases your work as a designer or creative. (I have a lot of templates in my resource library!)


Audio File

Audio files are a great way and different format for providing quality information. You can record an audio and share that file with your new subscribers.


Free Trial

Free trials are mostly used for software or technology. Think Shopify or Netflix or FloDesk. They all offer a free trial to anyone who signs up new in order to give them a chance to play around, check out their programs and see if they like it. Some either charge automatically once the time is expired or others stop services until you pay. It’s a great way to get people to test out your product.


Scripts & Copy Examples

Scripts & Copy examples are great for copywriters or marketers or biz experts. Really anyone who has gone through and written content that could be of use to someone else. It can be a fill in the blank format or copy and paste sheets of general copy that can be used or things that can be read or spoken.


Free Webinar

Webinars are another great way to share your knowledge & expertise and give away information, just in a different format. Webinars are also used a lot for funnels with a premium pitch at the end so it can lead to more direct sales.



Providing a list of resources or tools can be a great lead magnet. It gives people a toolkit on what could potentially work for them either in business, life, etc. It can also be a great way to get more affiliate sales since some of those resources could be affiliates. (I have a list of resources in my resource library!)



Quizzes have become super popular throughout the past couple years. Think of a Buzzfeed quiz but that answers a specific question your customer is dying to answer. This could be ‘what the best website platform will be for you’ or ‘what clothing is best for me’, etc. It’s a fun and easy way to provide a solution and answer to your subscribers problem!

Those were 14 ideas for lead magnets that could work for your business! You don’t have to use just one but definitely try and see which makes the most sense for the type of business you are running. Also, make sure you are getting data on the type of lead magnet you create and don’t be afraid to test out different options in order to compare data and use the one that brings in the most subscribers!




Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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