2 Places You Can Find Code Snippets To Make Your Shopify Website Stand Out

If you’ve used Shopify for awhile or are a total newbie, you may have discovered that sometimes the themes are a little limited in functionality, even premium themes. If you have a desired style or custom design element you want to add, it’s not always possible with the basic theme so sometimes you have to add a little extra code to make that happen. Even if you’re no coding expert, you can still make this happen with the help of some cool websites. Here are 2 places you can find Shopify code snippets to make your website stand out.

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Luna Templates

Luna Templates have multiple Shopify sections you can purchase for your Shopify store. I believe all of them work for various themes as well. You get access to the code block as well as video training walkthroughs so you know how to implement.



Qwiqode has an array of Shopify code snippets you can use on your website to add movement, sections and more. They provide the code and instructions. They also have great support, which I always appreciate!


Using and purchasing code snippets from sites like these give you the opportunity to enhance your Shopify store without needing a ton of liquid or coding knowledge. Now, you may find similar features by using an app on the Shopify store but those will likely be monthly payments for as long as you need the feature versus these shops provide a one time payment, which can be best for longer periods. If you want to create designs without code, you can always check out Shopify page builders like Pagefly or Shogun. Whatever you decide, I hope this helps you make your site a little extra special.

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