2 ways to create a powerful portfolio

One of the most important aspects of growing a business is creating trust between you and your potential clients. One of the ways to build trust is by showcasing your work through a portfolio – one that will grab the attention of your dream clients. Here are 2 simple ways to create a powerful porfolio so you can attract dream clients + do the work you love the most.

 1. Highlight your best work, notable clients & type of work you most want to do next.

One common misconception is that you need to showcase ALL of your work. Now, although I do believe there is a time & space for that, if all your work is not an accurate representation of the level of work you’re doing now OR it’s not a representation of the type of work you want to do in the future, then don’t highlight that work. The work front and center of your portfolio should be an accurate representation of the quality of work you can provide and the type of work you want to provide. For example, if you’re a real estate agent that wants to work with million dollar homes, than don’t showcase a house you sold in the two hundred thousand dollar range. If you’re a photographer and want to focus on food photography, then don’t showcase your weddings. If you’re an interior designer who only wants to design kitchens and bathrooms, don’t showcase the kid bedroom. If you don’t have photos, you create a notable list of client names or an edited list of clients that are more recognizable or elevate your brand.

Now, this does not mean that you are no longer allowed to take on other projects – it’s still your business after all.

2. Keep your portfolio up to date with quality visuals

Although it’s a task that can fall to the wayside, it’s important to keep your portfolio up to date. Personally, as a web designer I set time aside on the day of my clients launch to promote & celebrate their new website launch. However, you can set aside time at least once a quarter to update your portfolio & testimonials. As you do, make sure the quality of visuals, if that makes sense for you (especially if you’re an interior designer, food photographer, chef, etc. where photos really entice potential clients), is at a high quality. You don’t want images to be dark or blurry or not really work on the same level as the quality of your work.

Bonus: Make it easy to access your portfolio

Here’s a website quick tip for making the most of your new power portfolio. Make sure you have a section on your homepage that showcases your work and if you have further work to share, make sure it’s only 1 click away. Don’t make your potential clients go looking for it, because they’ll start looking for someone else. You can do this by adding a portfolio on your navigation bar & by adding a view more button below your highlighted portfolio on the homepage. Oh and another tip, make sure once they land on your portfolio page that they have a way of getting in touch, booking your service or learning more!

To recap: 2 ways to create a powerful portfolio is by showcasing the work + clients you most want to work with. Make sure you’re updating as you can with quality content to show growth + keep your portfolio a click away!


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