3 Beautiful Squarespace Website Templates Made For E-Commerce Brands

Ready to launch your own small batch shop or redesign your existing e-commerce brand? These 3 beautiful Squarespace website templates made for e-commerce brands may be perfect for you! They range in price from $250 – $499 per template and get added as a NEW Squarespace site into your account within 48hrs. These are some of my favorite Squarespace templates available in our shop because they’re beautiful but also designed with strategy built in. Plus, they provide a range of content quantity so depending on where you’re at in your business, you can choose what works best for you. Squarespace is a powerful yet easy to use platform and allows you to sell physical and digital items. Take a look at these e-commerce Squarespace templates built on fluid engine 7.1 below!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note this post contains affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will make a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Olivia & Co

Olivia & Co is a multi-page full Squarespace e-commerce website template perfect for growing brands. Complete with over 10 pages including about page, FAQ page, sales and link in bio – you’ll have everything you need to launch a beautiful online storefront. 

by James

By James is a mini multi-page Squarespace e-commerce website template perfect for small batch shops or brands just starting out. By James includes a total of 8 pages that give you what you need to start out and start growing. It’s a beautiful, layered, relaxed design that can work with a range of businesses. 


Claire is a full multi-page Squarespace e-commerce and informational website template perfect for growing brands and brick and mortar businesses. Claire includes over 15 pages and can work for both full e-commerce brands or service providers who are looking to incorporate a shop within their website. The bold, gradient styles realy capture the attention of visitors and are a great for brands.

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