3 Easy To Use Recurring Subscription Apps for Shopify

Providing recurring subscription option to your shop can have major benefits to your customers & to your business. Not only can it bring you recurring revenue but also save your customers time and mental space by not having to remember to order all the time. Here are 3 recurring subscription apps you can use for your Shopify store that will get you set up for recurring revenue and happier customers! Now these options range in prices & functionality options but they all get the job done. There are quite a bit more options on the Shopify app store, if you want to explore more, but these are some I’ve had experience with and are pretty solid options.

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Seal Subscription & Loyalty

Recently used this on a client site and it was incredibly easy & intuitive and support was top notch. They offer a free plan for up to 150 subscriptions, which honestly is great if you’re experimenting or starting out. Once you’re ready to upgrade, you know you’ll have the income coming in to support the price increase.


Native Subscriptions

Another subscription app I’ve used with a client and it’s been great as well. It’s pretty intuitive but there is a little bit more of a learning curve. Support was great even if we were on different time zones, I knew I’d always get a response. They do offer a free plan but they have 1% transaction fees.


Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge is a powerhouse app for those who have more extensive needs. The biggest being the ability to ‘build your own box’ or customize items within a box style membership. This is very dependent on your business model but if it’s something that interests you, it’s worth checking out. They do offer a free plan but they take 1% + .10 transaction fees. The price jump from free to pro is steep but it could be worth it if you have the subscriber quantity.


As I mentioned earlier, there are more Subscription/Recurring apps available to check out, these are a few that I’ve used for clients and that I think have worked great. I always recommend picking a platform or app based on what functionality you need most then looking at prices. You want to make sure the app is performing well and is giving you what your business needs. Adding a subscription/recurring app can help boost sales for your e-commerce website, so definitely consider adding these!

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