3 of my favorite Skillshare food photography classes

Today I’m sharing 3 of my favorite Skillshare food photography classes. I love Skillshare for learning new skills from photography to design to kitchen basics and entrepreneurship. Honestly, there are so many amazing classes + teachers on Skillshare, you can find + learn pretty much anything you’d like. Slowly but surely, I’m working on improving my photography (both for everyday lifestyle pics + my recipes). These 3 Skillshare food photography classes have been my favorite. Now, even if you’re not into food photography necessarily, check them out anyways cause they share great tips to improve your overall photography skills. 

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1. Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories

This class is taught by Marte Marie Forsberg and goes through how to shoot at home + in a cafe. Most importantly, she speaks to the importance of storytelling through photography in order to capture an emotional reaction. The class is only 20min (so you can watch it on your lunch break) but it’s packed with gems.

Check it out here.


2. Dark + Moody Food Photography for Instagram Success

This class is taught by Sean Dalton and teaches moody food photography + visual storytelling with emotional food photos. I love this class because he goes a bit more in depth about lighting, styling + composition. Plus, you’re able to see what he shoots in real-ish time which is a great way to learn. The class is a little over an hour but so worth your time!

Check it out here.


3. Donut Flat Lays: Tips for Better Overhead Photos

This class is taught by Tabitha Park and is one of my favorite teachers  to watch! If you’ve been interested in learning how to shoot those insta worthy flatlays, this class is perfect for you! I learned so many fun tricks + tips in the course and you don’t need much to get the gorgeous images. Whether you want to shoot donuts or anything else in the flatlay style, this is the class for you!

Check it out here.


These were just 3 of my favorite Skillshare classes but like I mentioned earlier, there are SO many out there! Each of the teachers above have multiple classes you can learn from and all will help you improve in some sort of way. If you’re interested in food photography classes, definitely start with those. You can get access to FREE premium Skillshare classes here! Happy learning! 



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