3 reasons for a website redesign

Regardless of what business you’re in, there comes a time when you look at your current website and think… somethings gotta change. Personally, I’ve gone through multiple re-designs of my own, each of which brought me closer to attracting more ideal clients + feeling more confident about my business. Re-designs can be costly and time consuming, so they shouldn’t be taken lightly or done ‘just because’. Here are 3 major reasons for knowing when it’s time for website redesign!


1 | Outdated design 

People just businesses by their websites. That’s just the reality. If your website looks old and outdated, then that’s what people are going to expect, and honestly, if you’re not delivering online, how can customers expect you to deliver in person? Just think about it this way, let’s say you walked into an old, run-down restaurant with ripped carpet and a few light bulbs that weren’t working. How confident would you feel buying from them? What if that place looked brand new and taken care of, how much more confident would you feel then? As much as I’d love to say that it doesn’t matter, it really does. The nice thing about it though, when you have an updated design, you’re upleveling your business – which can mean an increase in revenue. 


2 | You’re not attracting ideal clients

Whether it’s an old, outdated design or confusing copy, your website should be attracting ideal clients, not pushing them away. So if you’re experiencing a lot of dead-end calls or not-so-great client options reaching out to you, it may be time to redesign your website (and tackle the website copy). It’s also important to note that your target may change and evolve over time, if it has, a re-design can properly position your business to be more desirable to your new target market. Ultimately, your website should be dictating the type of clients that you want and making them want to reach out to you! If it’s not, then definitely consider a website redesign. 


3 | You’re embarrassed by your current website

If you’re experiencing #websiteshame, then you know it’s time for a redesign.  To be honest, I’ve been there and it hurt my business bad! (and yes, even a web designer can feel website shame!). That shame made me lack the confidence to share my work or market my business – which, lead to basically zero growth or clients. You need to be confident about your business and marketing the sh*t out of it. At the end of the day, the more confident you are about your business, the easier it will be to market it. 


At the end of the day, if you’re experiencing a lack of confidence, an inability to attract ideal clients or simply have an outdated site, it’s time to consider a website redesign. Your website is one of the first touch points to potential clients, and as  mentioned above, people just businesses by their websites, so make sure you’re leaving a good impression. If you’re interested in a website redesign, check out the design studio





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