3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Pagefly Builder App Instead Of A Traditional Shopify Theme

There are so many ways to build and design a Shopify store nowadays. One of those ways is through third party page builder apps that integrate with Shopify. The page builder I really enjoy using is the Pagefly App. In an effort to make Shopify more accessible to people, we recently launched our Shopify + Pagefly website templates so you can launch your site & shop with the power of Shopify and easy of Pagefly. There are other page builders apps out there which you can check out – obviously pick what you enjoy using. However, here are 4 reasons why you should use the Pagefly Builder App instead of a traditional Shopify Theme.

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What Is Pagefly Landing Page Builder

The Pagefly Landing Page Builder is a third party app available in the Shopify App store which integrates with Shopify and gives you a drag and drop builder for your design rather than a traditional Shopify theme. Drag and drop builders give you a wide range of design options and are simpler to learn than Shopify themes can be. You essentially pay a monthly fee which is dependent on the plan or pages you need, and the pages you use take the place of whatever is on Shopfiy. It really just provides a different way to build sites on Shopify and make customizations and updates.

You can learn more about Pagefly here →

3 Reasons Why You Should Use The Pagefly Builder App Instead Of A Traditional Shopify Theme

Design Flexibility

One of the biggest struggles I have as a designer with Shopify is how limited the design options within a theme can feel. There are work arounds but sometimes even small elements or minor updates can’t be done or can only be achieved with additional code. Even with premium Shopify themes, you’re limited to the functionality and design features included within that specific theme. Pagefly is a drag and drop builder where you can either use a premade template OR build from scratch. That means, you can design and create layouts you want and have more flexibility with branding and everything else. It’s honestly a game changer.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, Shopify themes can have a learning curve and all theme have minor differences of what can be done and what can’t be. And if you want to add or change something, you may need to know how to code. With Pagefly, you can learn the drag and drop system pretty easily. And once you know how it works, you can apply those skills to other pages within the app. It’s an easier system and can cut time off builder or maintaining your website.

Great Support

As someone who has Googled and support chatted their way into having the skills I have today, I think support chats are one of the most crucial elements. Whether you’re super tech savvy or a total beginner. Pagefly has amazing support! They’re nice, they have great documentation and they respond quickly. If you have trouble you can reach out to them within the app and they’ll get you the help you need. Shopify has great support but sometimes Shopify themes are built by third party developers and not all support is the same. Plus, if you add any code, often times, they won’t be able to help you out.

Now, do I still use traditional Shopify themes? Yes. Sometimes you gotta work within those restraints and make it work. However, I’m a designer and developer and have coding skills – even then, sometimes I really dislike using Shopify themes… but that’s my job. When it comes to small business owners who have a lot of other sh*t going on and work that needs to get done or have less technical skills than I do – I think the Pagefly Builder or other drag and drop builders are the way to go. So definitely check out the Pagefly Builder app on Shopify and get your Shopify site launched!

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