3 recipe plugins for your food blog

Recently, I shared why I added a recipe plugin to my website + the top 2 reasons why you should install a recipe plugin on your food blog. Today, I’m sharing 3 recipe plugins for your food blog. These are honestly just 3 of many, there are a ton out there. So as always, use this info, do some follow up research, test them out + use the one that works for you. So here are 3 recipe plugins for your food blog!


1. WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker is the recipe plugin I chose for Dragonfly Ave. It’s a free plugin (that also has a pro version) that is really simple + easy to use. It offers a few different layouts + makes it incredibly easy to add in your recipe. Apart from the normal ingredients, you are also able to add in nutritional information. 

You can learn more here


2. Cooked 

Cooked is another free (again with a pro version) recipe plugin that also boasts very similar features as WP recipe maker. It offers drag n drop capabilities, SEO enhancements and is also user-friendly. 

You can learn more here!  


3. WP Tasty

WP Tasty is a premium plugin but used and trusted by some of the biggest food bloggers. Apart from optimized images + SEO, you also get a support team. 

You can learn more here!  



Again, there are more than just these 3 options for recipe plugins. I just felt that these were the top 3 options because they were the most well known as well as the most kept up with. Take a look and see which one will ultimately work best for your food blog! Good luck! 







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