3 Timesaving Ways You Can Use AI Tools In Your Design Business

With AI, or artificial intelligence, emerging full force into the world, it’s the perfect time to start using these tools to save yourself some major time with certain design tasks and really make your life easier. I get it, AI can seem overwhelming but it’s actually a lot of fun and with a little practice you can really make it work for you. I’m still in the learning phase but already, AI is making my life easier and more creative. So if you’re a web designer, web developer or branding expert, here are 3 timesaving ways you can use AI in your design business.

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Mood Boards

Using a tool like Midjourney, an image AI generator, you can create some really cool mood boards that use AI imagery (like the one below). It can give you really specific images that you’re envisioning for your or a client’s brand. Finding those ‘perfect’ photos can be a mission at times and pulling it off ‘Pinterest’ is legally iffy, so creating your perfect photo for the mood board via AI, is a great option. Plus, it saves me a ton of time searching for the perfect image.

View some mood boards with AI generated images here!

Stock Photography

Similar to using photos creating on Midjourney (or other AI image generators), you can use AI to create photos you can use as stock images for your brand and websites. Now, legally speaking – well first disclaimer: I’m NOT a lawyer and this is not legal advice – AI and copyright terms are hard to pin down. As of now, no one can copyright AI photos so you’re good. Anyways, this is great if you’re looking to create some cool images for your brand and need an easy, low cost resource.


Want to add some cool effect using some CSS to your website? Now you can through AI. Tools like ChatGPT can help with code PLUS website themes like Elementor (WordPress) and DIVI (WordPress) plus even Squarespace now have AI built into their systems as support. I will say, a little basic coding knowledge is helpful but you can definitely do more now and I love that.

Whatever your feelings are about AI, try and see how you can embrace it. Learn how to save yourself time in certain tasks and get creative. I think these are some great ways to use AI in your design business. Let me know below, are you using AI yet?

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