3 tips for writing better website copy

Oh website copy… how dreadful + stressful you can be! (I mean, am I right?!) Talking about yourself or your product/service, being strategic about it and letting it resonate can be a tricky balance to achieve. But I think you’ve got this. I’ve read a ton about copywriting on the web, taken webinars + experimented myself. I’m a web designer, so knowing this is part of the job. I’ve written all my copy myself and I will say it is challenging. However, I think these tips will help you out a ton (and hopefully save you time since I’ve done a lot of research). Whether you’re WIY (writing it yourself) or hiring out, here’s 3 tips for writing better website copy that you should keep in mind.

1. Don’t make it about yourself

No offense, but no one cares about you. They care about what you can do for them – at least when it comes to your products + services. (Please note, I say that will all the love in my heart, cause I do care about you.) Take the emphasis away from talking solely about I, and talk about you, (you being your target market). Your visitors are going to feel like you’re talking to them, trust you more + feel at home.

2. Write benefit driven headlines

What benefits are you providing your customers when they choose you over your competitors? Make sure you’re exploiting the benefits you’ve worked so hard to create and that your customers know. Side note: if you’re not sure what benefits your target market is looking for, start asking, start researching + start listening. At the end of the day, you’re trying to solve a problem and be the solution. Part of that solution are the benefits your customers gain. So choose your headlines or sub headlines and showcase those benefits.

3. Share your story, be honest + be real.

The key to success will depend on the amount of trust your customers have for you. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to sound incredibly professional, you don’t have to have all your sh*t together in order to serve others well. People are looking to buy from other people, and ones they trust. So don’t be afraid to share your story (one that builds a connection between you, your product/service + your customer), be honest + be real. Now more than ever, authenticity matters, so be yourself and showcase some of your personality within your website content. Personally, I’m a very casual speaker and don’t like a lot of fluff or b.s. with the information I share. My copy reflects that. **note how I shared a bit of my story with you in my blog content (booyaaa!)

Now I don’t want you to overthink your website copy too much, especially if you’re writing it yourself (like I did). It’s about trial and error (again, especially if you’re DIY-ing) and seeing what words work, what resonates + what feels like you + good to you. Just keep these 3 tips for writing better website copy in mind as you’re writing or rewriting. Depending on whom you are and where you’re at, some of the changes may be smaller than others but even small changes are progress. So be proud of yourself!

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