3 tools to organize your business

So it’s time to get your business more organized and looking less of a hot mess? But you’re not entirely sure where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Now, to be fair, does my life still feel like a hot mess at times, absolutely! But these tools (including some alternatives) have helped me organize my web design business, provide a better client experience & give me some sense of peace. Here are my top 3 tools to organize your busniness.


1. Dubsado

Dubsado is a business management tool that helps cut out a lot of the busy work. You can send invoices, emails, contracts, questionnaires, set up workflows & more. I use this primarily for larger client projects! It will take up some time to set everything up, but once done, it’s a total time saver and provides a better client experience overall.

An alternative to Dubsado would be Honeybook. I also use And.co for invoicing small hourly work & website updates that happen on occasion.

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2. Asana

I use Asana primarily to organize personal & business tasks on a daily, weekly & project basis. I can set up my daily & weekly to-do lists all online with due dates and get reminders when the dates are here. I’ve also set up template lists for larger projects like website templates creation, blog content creation & more so I know what I need to follow to make sure every step & task is covered. When needed I’m also able to use it with client work and assign revisions & let clients know what steps we’re on during their project.

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3. Mailflow

Mailflow is a chrome extension that helps organize your gmail. It’s a plugin that “helps manage to-dos, notes & projects without leaving your inbox.” I started using Mailflow a few months ago and it’s been so helpful! Personally, it’s inevitable to receive to-do’s from clients via email. Mailflow helps me organize the tasks and easily get all the information without having to go through a ton of email responses. It’s a time saver!!

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Organizing your business can not only save you a ton of time, but improve your client experience, give you peace of mind & make you more money. These are 3 tools to help organize your business that I use myself so check them out and let me know what you think!





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