4 reasons why a website is worth the investment

It’s 2020 and the hard truth is that your business needs a website. Whether that’s a DIY version or a professionally designed website, it’s no longer an option or question of whether you should or should not have one. But, look, I get it, a website can be a major investment and big investments can be terrifying to make. As a web designer, I’m lucky to not have to pay for my own services. However, it’s important to remember and consider the return on investment you make when you have a website. But, if you’re on the fence, I’m sharing the top 4 reasons why a website is worth the investment.


1. Visibility + Credibility

Having a website leads to increased visibility. It establishes you as a professional, real deal business and gives your business credibility while allowing your business to be seen and found online. Truth is, people Google first, buy second. If your business doesn’t have a website and isn’t online then it’s not being found. A website changes that by solidifying it as a true business and giving you an online presence and the ability to be seen, worldwide. 

Consider the time you’d save by no longer having to convince customers that you’re legit, that you’re good at what you do or that you’re the perfect fit for them? 

2. 24/7 marketing partner

Have you ever wanted a marketing partner that’s available and working to promote your products and services 24/7? Well, Your website can be the most powerful marketing tool and partner you have available to you. Since it’s online, it means it can be accessed 24/7 without needing to have anyone else there. This extends the time your business is ‘open’ to answer questions, provide information, gain leads and even make sales. Imagine, gaining new leads, selling products & essentially making money while you sleep – that’s the power of a website.  

Consider what you’d gain by having a powerful sales funnel that brings you leads and makes you money while you sleep? 


3. Money, money, money

Truth is, if you don’t have a website, you’re more than likely losing sales. Either because you can’t be found, you’re lacking trust or credibility or people who are referred to you can’t verify or get the information they need to feel confident moving forward. Again, people search first, buy second. You need to be online to gain the opportunity to capture those sales. If you have a product based business, you have the additional opportunity to sell directly from your website, which can also increase sales.

Consider how much a couple extra sales a month could change your busines or life? How much more money would that bring in compared to how much you’d be spending on a website? 


4. Room to grow

There is so much opportunity to grow once your business is online. You’re able to establish your business as a credible one as well as introduce new revenue streams. Whether that’s in products (physical or digital), affiliates & sponsors, or other extensions of your business. You now have a global audience, so the possibilities of growth open up. 

Consider the additional revenue streams a website could allow you to add to your business? What type of money could that bring in? How could your business expand? What would that mean to you and your life?


There are a lot of reasons you need a website for your business and these were the top 4 reasons a website is worth the investment. But again, it can feel scary to make a big investment and I totally get it. However, you have to consider what your return on that investment could mean for you and your business. More sales, more time, doing more of what you love? That is worth the investment.




Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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