4 Ways To Get Over A Creative Block

Today we’re going over 4 ways to get over a creative block. As a designer, I’ve definitely had my fair share of blocks and I hate when it happens. However, I’ve learned a few ways to best deal. Sometimes it takes all four, sometimes it just takes one. The goal of this post is to help give you ways to help with your creative process and getting over creative blocks. Everyone is different and need different ways of getting over blocks, so here are four and I hope they help!

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Step back & Take a break

Yes, take a break! It’s easy to want to keep with it and keep working through your creative block but often times taking a break can give you space and the mental break you need to get reinspired. Sometimes watching tv, taking a nap, laying down, taking a shower is enough of a break to feel better. It’s important to take a step back and focus on something completely different and come back to your project later. It gives you a chance to get out of your head and look at the project with fresh eyes when you’re done.

Go back to the brief

Going back to your brief and original conversation and goals for your project can help you realign with the mission. That then helps you look at the work you’ve done or you’re trying to do and see whether or not it aligns. This can also help you get a better understanding of what the client needs and remind you what the purpose of the project was to begin with. When you’re in the creative zone, it’s easy to get lost and go at it but then feel like something is off. When you go back to the brief, it brings you back to the foundation and brings you back in to the purpose. 

Go outside & get inspired

This is one that I find myself doing often. When I’m feeling really uninspired and creatively drained, I love leaving my house and going on a walk or going to the mall and different places. I’m a big home goods fan so I love checking out Crate & Barrel, William Sonoma, Anthropologie, Michaels, and even grabbing books and magazines from the local public library. Looking at stores, items, books, etc inspires me. It energizes me creatively and typically allows me to go back into a project more refreshed and excited.

Work Through it

As much as I love taking my breaks, there are times when you just need to keep working through it. Whatever your project is, just keep going and trying and messing around. All it takes is one realization, one accident, one experiementation to stop the creative block and find something that works. This way does work for some people and if it gets you where you need, then that’s great!

These were 4 ways to get over a creative block but there are a lot more. Whether you’re working on a client project or just trying to do your own thing, it’s important to find different ways that will help keep you inspired and energized about doing work you love. Find what works for you or try a combination and then get back to it! 

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