4 Website Platforms Embracing AI Tech & Making Your Life Easier

AI, or artificial intelligence, is making it’s way into all of our lives and go to tools. There is no exception to when it comes to building websites. There are some website platforms that are making life easier and saving you time by adding AI directly into their platforms. As a web designer, I think it’s a game changer and can really help those who don’t have a budget to hire a web designer or developer yet or just need a jump start in copy. Here are 4 website platforms embracing AI tech & making your life easier.

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Elementor (WordPress)

Elementor is a top WordPress theme that has implemented AI fairly recently into their theme. You can get Elementor AI with a free trial of any Elementor website. With Elementor AI you can use it to generate images with text-to-image functions, write copy and write code, assist with translations and fine tune images and elements. It’s honestly pretty cool to see all of this inside of a WordPress theme. I’m sure more themes will be integrating so keep an eye out for those.

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Shopify is a top e-commerce website platform that powers a ton of online shops. They’ve recently integrated AI into their toolkit by being able to write AI generated product descriptions. This can be such a time saver and potentially help you increase sales with great writing. It’s perfect if writing isn’t your strong suit but you’re still ready to grow your product based business.

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Wix is a drag and drop website builder that’s introduced AI in a major way. They recently shared their ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence which will allow you to use AI to create a website from scratch. They also have AI generated copy as a tool in their platform as well. Pretty cool!

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Squarespace is all-in-one website builder & platform that’s introducing AI generated text into their platform. You’ll be able to create first draft content for your website by using their text boxes. It’s still in the beginning stages but honestly can’t wait to see if they integrate AI into other tools like email and products.

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The range of AI capabilities range for each of these website platforms and themes but it’s really cool seeing what can be done and where things are going. As a web designer, I feel like this can help myself and a lot of small businesses launch their website and grow their business. Which of these website platform AI tools is your favorite?

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