5 cost effective backdrops for styled photoshoots (including FREE options)

These days, visuals are game changing and pretty much everyone I know is trying to at some level upgrade & elevate their photography skills. Now as a web designer as well as a lifestyle blogger, I know the importance of quality photography. However, getting great shots can actually be a lot more affordable these days. When you’re in need of a flat lay shot, styled stock or food photography images – here are 5 affordable backdrops that elevate your photos.


1. White boards / Color boards

Most common and easiest to find, white boards! Remember when you made presentations for class? Well that same foam white board is perfect for white background images. If you want more color, than simply choose color boards. 


Personally, my favorite place to go is Hobby Lobby because they have a larger selection. 

2. Linens / Fabric

If you want to add a bit of texture to the background of your images, then use fabrics or linens. This can be a yard of fabric from your local fabric store – which is also great cause it’s easier to store & wash. Or you can get creative and use table settings like place mats, linen napkins, table runners, bedding, etc. It adds an extra layer to your images. 

3. Wood tables, floors, desks

For wood backgrounds, you can look for wood tables, wood floors that you may already have in your house or desks. Another tip is going to your local salvage or wood yard and just getting a nice piece of wood that you can use over and over again. 

4. Faux marble, scrapbooking paper,  wallpaper & tile

If you aren’t able to get the real thing, there is some great faux marble sheets that you can attach to a white board. It’s a lot less expensive than a slab of marble or a complete kitchen redo (although, why not!). You can also use scrapbooking paper or wall paper as another way to add texture and different elements to your images. Finally, go to your local home depot and get some tile. Depending on the size of image you’re needing or how intricate your styling is about to get, you may be able to get away with just a 12×12 or 18×18 piece of tile. 

5. Kitchen accessories

Baking sheets & cutting boards are great for adding a different look and feel to your images. Obviously use what works with your brand & visuals but these are great ways to add depth to an image. 

Please note: these can be used! You can use an old baking sheet in your images and they look pretty cool. Don’t worry about perfection here, just choose what works for you!


6. Outdoors

Get outdoors! Use concrete in your driveway, use the dirt & grass in your yard, use brick walls (not for flat lays but still a good backdrop). There are ways to add those elements into your images!


At the end of the day, pick and choose what elements work within your overall brand and visuals. Also, get creative! Explore your house for what you already have. You can go as far as take images on your couch or using clothes as backdrops. It may be a little unconventional but trying never hurts and you may end up with a style that stands out!


Let me know what your favorite backdrop tip is in the comments below! 


Until next time, 






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