5 Mistakes To Stop Making To Increase Sales On Your Website

As a designer that works with a lot of small business owners, especially female founders, I know the important of quality designs and how important it is to have your website work FOR you. That means, that your website is working to help increase sales, bring in more connections/sales calls/etc and allow you to grow your business. Time and time again, I see business owners making these mistakes that is keeping them from having a website that works for them. Even if you aren’t fully equipt to invest in a new, fully custom design – these are changes that can make a major impact in your business. So these are the 5 mistakes to stop making to increase sales on your website. You ready? Let’s get it!

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1. No call to actions

One of the biggest mistakes is not having any call to actions on their websites. A call to action is essentially a button or text that says for example: Call now, sign up, work with me, learn more, read the latest, join the club, purchase the course, buy now, inquire here, etc. You have to help people by directing them to where they need to go and where you’d like them to go. When you know your business & your ideal client, you can better direct to those call to actions. 

You can’t hope that someone will just ‘get it’ and do what you want them to. You have to tell them. So add call to actions directing people to what they need to do in order to get in touch, buy a product, join a community, etc. 

2. It’s completely outdated

I see a bunch of websites everyday and I can tell you the level of trust I have for a website that looks old and outdated plummets so f*cking quick that I leave the site. It’s hard when you look at a site, whether its a restaurant, a personal brand, a service provider, an e-commerce site, etc. and see that the site hasn’t been updated since the early 2000s. It gives off the appearance of being unprofessional, not being trustworthy, is this a scam or a real place, and even that you don’t really care enough to invest in your own brand, so why should I?

Even if it’s a simply DIY facelift using Squarespace, WordPress/DIVI or other platforms to bring it to this new decade. yourself, it’s worth it. And if you can pay for a professional, do it! The investment is worth it!

** Pro Tip: not having a ‘secure site’ will cause even more hesitation and trust issues. If anything, get a ‘SSL certificate’. These are typically free and provided by your website hosting provider (or a very small fee) so get in touch with them and get it set up!

3. Not knowing who your target market is & having no clear message

You are not going to be for everyone and that’s okay. BUT you do need to know who it’s for and be clear about it. Be clear about who you are, what you do & who you help on your website. That may take some work on finding out who your ideal client actually is but it will worth it once you put in the work. Knowing your target market will allow you to have stronger messaging throughout your website that captivates your dream clients and increases your sales.

Check out our Ideal Client Guidebook here & get our FREE ideal client website guide here!

4. Not having an email opt-in

Email is not dead, in fact top marketers say having an email list is like printing money. The reality is that not everyone who lands on your website will buy or book right away. Having them sign up to your email list allows you to stay connected with them, follow up with them via your email newsletter and ultimately drive sales. The people on your email list are going to be much more engaged and willing to spend money with you because they’ve grown to trust you.

My go to email marketing tool is Flodesk (get 50% off here!)

5. No goals or strategy

What do you want someone to do in the first place? Where will you make the most money in your business? Is your design & copy geared towards your ideal target market or something just generic and confusing. A website that works for you isn’t just about having it ‘look good’, it’s about using it to support your business goals. If you aren’t sharing the information your target market want to see, if branding is off, if there is confusion over where to go or any call to actions, if they don’t know how to get in touch with you or buy something, etc. then you’re missing out on sales. 

The last I want for small business owners is for them to be leaving money on the table or missing out on sales because they are making these mistakes. These are the 5 mistakes to stop making to increase sales on your website. Some are simpler to fix than others but do your best or hire a professional.

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