5 wordpress plugins every website should have

In order to get the most out of your WordPress websites, you’re going to have to use plugins. If you’re not exactly sure what a plugin is, think of it like an app on your smart phone. It essentially extends what you are able to do on your website. Now, I am all about keeping things simple and really don’t like relying on a ton of different plugins to make my website work. Which is one of the reasons why I love all-in-one builders like DIVI because they come with built-in functionality and let’s you limit your use of plugins. However, there’s always something you want to add that these just don’t offer (at least not yet anyways) and that’s, yet again, where plugins come in handy. Now there’s a ton of plugins out there, but here are 5 WordPress plugins every website should have. 

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1 |  Yoast SEO

This is really the go to SEO plugin for the majority of WordPress users (and probably the main reason why WordPress gets all the credit for great SEO). It can feel a little intimidating at first, but once you add in your keywords, it guides you on what’s missing + what you can add in order to optimize your pages + posts.

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2 | 404 to 301 – Redirect, Log and Notify 404 Errors

Ever click a link that leads to a page that no longer exists? You may actually have some on your own website. This 404 plugin is my go to and also hasn’t given me 404 errors from Google like others I have tried. You can add a link to your own custom 404 page, your home page or my favorite: your opt-in page. That way, when visitors land on a page or post that no longer exists, it redirects to a page that actually exists.

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3 | Cookie Notice

GDPR is the new standard and whether or not you live in the UK, you should be ready for it + incorporating those rules for yourself. This is a great plugin that allows you to add a cookie notice for visitors to click on + link to a privacy page. I will say that it may not be as customizable as I’d like it to be (I am a designer after all) but it gets the job done, can be customized with what I need + is free.

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4 | Bloom

Oh website pop-ups, don’t we all have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them? Well, whether or not you approve of them, it is said that they increase email subscribers. So, if you’re into that, here’s a premium plugin by Elegant Themes: Bloom that will work great. Now, I will say that, at times, it does feel a little limiting, but it’s still a great all around pop up plugin with clean, simple layouts that get the job done. Now, I will say that you may have email marketing providers like Flodesk or Mailchimp that have their own pop-ups you can embed into your site, but in case you don’t like those styles, Bloom is a great option and works with 20 email providers.

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5 | w3 total cache

People leave websites that don’t load quick enough, that’s where W3 Total Cache comes in handy. It optimizes your website, reduces page load times, improves SEO + can improve overall performance when fully configured.

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Just to quickly recap: plugins are like apps on your smart phone that give your WordPress website additional functionality. There are a TON of plugins out there, so make sure you’re consider these tips when using them. These are the 5 WordPress plugins every website should have (at least, in my opinion). 

LEAVE A COMMENT! What is your must have WordPress plugin? Did I leave one out you think I should add?



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