6 tips to creating a lead magnet that converts

6 tips to creating a lead magnet that converts. Before I share my tips, I want to make it very clear that there may be a time (especially when you’re starting out) that you need to experiment, create more than one lead magnet and simply try different headlines, types of lead magnets, etc. There will be some trial and error and that is OKAY! These tips are meant to make it easier and allow you to be more strategic when it comes to creating a lead magnet. Now, let’s get started and here are my 6 tips for creating a lead magent that converts!

Understand your ideal client / target market

Creating a lead magnet that converts starts at understanding your ideal client / target market. If you haven’t done that or don’t really know who you are serving, your messaging, content & lead magnet are all going to be watered down, too damn general & ineffective. So determining the type of lead magnet that can be effective, understanding the problem that they need, etc. will all happen when you know your target market. (If you need a little extra help, check out The Ultimate Ideal Client Guidebook in the shop!)

Solve a problem, give a win, be a benefit

Create a lead magnet that solves a pressing problem, gives a win or is of benefit! People have problems that they want solutions for, they want a win and they want something will be beneficial to them. If you are providing that in a lead magnet that’s actionable and of quality, people will be eager to sign up.

Keep it short, sweet, simple & specific

Okay, short isn’t actually a requirement here, although your lead magnet does NOT have to be super lengthy to be effective. However, keep it simple & specific. As mentioned above, you should be creating a lead magnet that solves an urgent problem, provides a win & is of benefit. So get to the point, be specific in what problem your solving, what win they will be getting or what benefit you’re providing so they know. Clarity and specificity is key here!

Create a clear, captivating headline

The headline or title of your lead magnet is what people are going to read first so make sure that it’s clear and captivating. How do you do that? Keep it simple by telling the audience what the benefit of the lead magnet is and the problem it’s solving. Tell them what they will be achieving when they get access to your lead magnet in your title.

For example: 15 ways to increase sales in your business this week, my number 1 tool that increased traffic by 75% & how to use it, 10 easy ways to start your vegan lifestyle without craving cheese, dairy or meat, my go to resources for starting a business (all for less than $100!), make your beauty routine clean & eco-friendly with these products, etc.

Make it relevant to what you offer (or that showcases your expertise)

Finally, make sure what you’re offering as a lead magnet is actually relevant to what you offer!! Or that it showcases your expertise within the industry you work in. As a web designer, I don’t want to be providing a guide of wedding tips to a bride when she is not my target audience and I have nothing relevant to her within my business. Rather, I could provide a free guide or graphic template for wedding photographers, venues, etc, on how they can improve their website to get more conversions. It’s much more relevant to my business and the design services I offer.

Test it out!

As mentioned in the intro, test your shit out!! You may have to create more than 1 lead magnet in order to find what converts the best. You may have to try different headlines and titles, etc to get to one people can’t seem to stop signing up for. Test it, ask for feedback (on Insta polls or in FB groups), research it and market it! The worst thing you can do is spend all the time creating a lead magnet that no one sees. So test it out & make sure you’re checking your data!




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