7 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Website For A Quick Refresh

Throughout the year, you may need to make minimal but effective updates to your website to keep it fresh and relevant. All businesses evolve and you want to make sure that your website evolves as well. You don’t always need a full redesign to keep your website feeling new and up to date. Here are 7 simple ways to clean up your website for a quick refresh.

1. Revise Services

If you’re a service provider, you may decide to try out new services or refine your current ones. Clean up your website by revising your services to showcase only relevant offerings. This is also a good time to update any pricing if you’re showing it on your website.

2. Add New Testimonials

Update your website by showcasing new client testimonials or product reviews for any new client. You can add more testimonials or replace older ones to make sure the best reviews are shown and seen.

3. Update Portfolio

If you’re a fellow designer, creative, artist, etc and have a portfolio – take time to update it and showcase new projects. This allows you to share the latest projects and keep your work up to date.

4. Remove Unnecessary Content

Do a quick review of all content and pages on your website. If any copy feels irrelevant, remove it. Although you can have as much content on your website as you’d like, you want to make it easy and simple for potential clients and customers to review it, so if you don’t need, hit delete.

5. Update Brand Photography

If you have the opportunity to take new brand photos or already have, take a moment to freshen up your website with your latest brand photography. Photos have a major impact with the look and feel of your website so updating is a great way to keep it looking new.

6. Clean Up Blog Posts

If you have a blog, take the time to clean it up. Over the years you may have updated thoughts, new affiliate links, or topics. This clean up may take a little longer but you can feel better knowing the content you’ve shared over time is still relevant and have working links.

7. Create a new opt-in offer

Growing your email list should always be a top priority, so testing out a new opt-in offer can help. If your current offer is already working for you, then leave it. If not, try something new. Or do some A/B testing and see which works better.

You don’t always need a whole new website design to freshen up your site. Minor updates can have a major impact. These 7 simple ways to clean it up help keep your website relevant, fresh, and up to date.


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