7 Ways You Can Add Movement To Your Website For Better Engagement

With the average attention span in 2022 being 8.25 seconds, keeping your website visitors attention is getting harder. You want to be able to keep your visitors on your website longer and keep them engaged. One of the best ways I believe this is achieved is through the addition of movement. Movement can enhance the experience by giving visitors a ‘wow’ or ‘that’s cool’ moment and keep them wanting to check out other pages and learn more. Here’s 7 ways how to add movement to your website for better engagement.

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1. Page Animations

There are a wide range of animations that can be added to your website, some more complex than others. However, a simple ‘fade in’ animation still works wonders to your website. If you’re able to add more complex animations, definitely go for it – it’s always so enticing to see. Most website platforms offer animations without adding a lot of extra work. Definitely take a look and see if you can add some animations to your website.

2. Scroll Effects

Scrolling effects are animations / movement that occurs as you scroll up and down the website. This can be changing an image upon scroll, moving text in or out and more. These can be a little more complex movements to integrate, depending on your skill level, but the do a great job in keeping visitors interacting more.

3. Marquee Banners

Marquee banners had a resurgence recently and I absolutely love it. A marquee banner is text that moves horizontally from one side to another. In some instances you can also make the marquee move in different wavy sections. These are a great way to call attention to something important or give a section just a little movement. Now depending on what is moving – I definitely recommend keeping the speed low, especially if you expect web visitors to be able to read it.

Check out these marquee banner tutorials for Squarespace & WordPress.

4. Video

Video is here to stay – especially on the web. It’s a simple and modern way to add visual interest to a page. Whether it’s a background or an intro video, it makes the website more exciting. You are really able to tell more of a story, share your personality and showcase a product more effectively with video.

5. Photo Gifs

Gifs are an amazingly simple way to add that little bit of movement in place of an image. The great thing is that if you are someone who has extra images this is a great way to add more without taking up more space on your site. It’s also something that anyone can do using Photoshop or Canva.

6. Sliders or Carousels

Sliders or carousels are another simple way to add some movement to your site. These are typically images that slide out while another image slides in. There has been some data that sliders aren’t always the best option because not everyone is willing to wait for the next slide. You can also use this for testimonials or other content. Carousels are similar but may show more ‘slides’ at one time. These could be used for social proof like ‘as seen on’ sections or to showcase work, team members and more.

7. Hover Effects

Hover effects occur when someone hovers the mouse over a certain element and something changes or appears. You can use this to hide additional content and only show it when someone hovers over it. You can do it to show additional images for products or people. You can have a video play when you hover over the image. Honestly, there are so many things you can do with hover effects. Plus, hover effects are really nice since they let your visitors interact with your website more.

The more engagement your website visitor has, the higher the chances they have of signing up for your email, getting in touch for your service, making a purchase and ultimately remembering your website and coming back for more. Even simple, clean movements can make a big impact on whether or not someone wants to stay on your website. Adding some sort of movement, brings a freshness to your web that your visitors are sure to love.

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