8 accessibility resources to make your site ada compliant

Accessibility is still a topic I’m learning about and working on implementing for my own sites as well as within my client websites. Recently I shared 4 ways you can make your website ADA compliant, which you can read here, but I wanted to share a few accessibility resources that will help you check your site and make it more accessible. 


1. screen readers

One of the easiest ways I’ve started checking my site is by going through the website using a screen reader. It allows me to put myself in someone who is visually impared shoes and follow their experience. That way, I can make updates as needed.

A few screen reader options are:

VoiceOver Mac

ChromeVox Classic Edition (what I use)

Spoken Web


2. Evaluation tools

These tools let you input your website url and then provide you with an accessibility evaluation + rating. Plus more in-depth information on where you can improve. Here are a few options:


Web Accessibility 


3. accessible brand color palettes

Color contrast can be a major player in how accessible your website is to the visually impaired. You can make sure your brand colors work well together and are accessibility friendly. 

Here are 3 color palette options:

Accessible Brand Colors

Color Safe

Color Cube



These were just a few accessibility resources that will help you either check if your website is ADA compliant or help you make it more ADA compliant. As mentioned earlier, website accessibility is still a new topic for me, but I think that it’s important to start taking part in making the internet more accessible to everyone! So check out these resources and see how you can make your site more accessible!




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