A Look Behind Our Website Transformation

It’s a new year, which meant a whole new website experience and I’m excited to share a look behind our website transformation and why we made the change, what our goals were and our inspo. Take a look around our website to get the full experience and hope you like it as much as we do.

1. Simplify

All I could think about towards the end of last year was how I wanted to simplify my business and my website. I love creating really unique experiences and animations and adding movement to websites but all I really wanted for my own was simplicity. I wanted to have some unique elements but I wanted to clean up and make it feel like the home I wanted – which is our goal with our clients. There were also some elements that I never got around to fixing from the last redesign and it always stressed me out and this year was all about less stress.


2. Texture

My favorite sites feel homey, they feel like I want to climb into the screen and live there and that’s how I wanted my site to feel like. One of those ways was to include texture and shadows and a softness into the site. I’m always really inspired by interior design and tiles and fabrics and wanted to incorporate that feel into this website.


3. User Experience

Again, I loved a lot of the elements that were in the previous site design but I think there were certain elements that could have improved the user experience and I wanted to focus on that on this site. I think the simplicity and cleanliness made for a better experience and still one that wow’s and showcases the companies personality.


4. Personal Confidence

I’ve been in business a few years now and I think this is the first year that I’ve actually felt like I knew what I was doing, what I wanted, what I cared about, what my goals were & what I wanted to bring the world. It’s very easy to get caught up at what other people are doing and offering and looking like – but now, I don’t care all that much, I care about what I’m doing and how I can best serve my clients and create a business that I really love.


5. Growth

We’re growing slowly and I love it. We’re also offering new services and I wanted to display all those services well and make it easy for different clients to get to where they needed. The simplicity allows me to make changes as needed faster and be able to add and change and promote more strategically.

Ultimately, every redesign brings an existential crisis but one that really helps bring confidence to the next era of Dragonfly Ave. This era, I hope feels like the sun on your skin on a nice summer day with flowers blooming all around while on a comfy hammock chair. Excited to be sharing the website with you! 

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I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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