add your brand colors in your divi site

In today’s video tutorial,  I’ll be going over how to add your brand colors to your divi website. This is another quick + simple tutorial, but one that can save you major time in the long run! Rather than going back and forth or having to memorize your color hex codes (you know, the ones that start with # and are followed by an array of 6 numbers or letters?), or having to have your brand style guide with you at all times when making any change to your site. It may seem small, but this makes a major impact the more you use your site or try to make changes. 


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What colors can I use? 

You can use add any of your brand color palette into your DIVI website! If you don’t have one, but are consistently using the same colors over and over, this tutorial will be perfect for you. You can also use the color picker (the one that looks like an eye dropper) to find a color you like. You can also update this as often as you’d like.

*Recent Update from DIVI

A new update came out that I thought I’d share here as well. Now, you will have a further color selection that includes recently used colors when you go to each module and click the 3 verticle dot button.

How to add your logo to your DIVI site. 

Start by heading to theme options in the dashboard. You’ll find it more specifically by going to dashboard -> DIVI -> Theme Options. 

You’ll find that the 4th option is labeled ‘Color Pickers Default Palette” with 8 circles with colors inside. Simply click each color and an square will appear with the option to add a hex color code in the upper left hand corner or use the color dipper. Either add the nex code or test to find what color you like. Do this for all 8 option (or just the ones you need). 

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and press SAVE. Once you see the green check mark, you’re all set to go!

Watch the full video tutorial below!

Wooh! Way to go! Now that you have your brand colors added to your DIVI site, you’ll have them at your fingertips at all times. It’s a total time saver and makes it easier for you to test what colors may look better in what position. Hope this how to add your brand colors to your divi website helped you out! Stay tuned for more divi + design tutorials.

LEAVE A COMMENT! Did you find the tutorial easy to follow? Did you use your hex color codes or find one using the color dipper?


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