Be brave as an entrepreneur

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I’m in the midst of finalizing MVW (Minimum Viable Websites), a side project I’ve been working on that will hopefully help more woman launch their website faster so they can start testing + selling. As I’ve been through my entrepreneurial journey, all the times I’ve made significant progress has been when I’ve said f*ck it + just did it. AKA, when I was being brave enough to not care about judgement, doubt or fear. The times I didn’t hit my goals or felt unsatisfied, happened when I stayed afraid.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to go through a lot. You may feel like you aren’t the best, like you don’t have the skills + compare yourself to everyone else in the world. But I believe that the ones who make it, who succeed, aren’t the ones who are necessarily the best, but the ones who are brave enough to go for it, to share their work, to get past their fears + doubts and who show up daily + ultimately just say f*ck it.

So if you are struggling, feel unqualified, underestimated, afraid, like maybe you don’t have what it takes… take a moment, take a breath + just remember that it’s not about being better, it’s about being braver. And you are brave.

Since I’m a designer + felt inspired, I decided to make some fun graphic motivational images. Some using photos badass, strong, brave woman that I curated from Unsplash. As always, feel free to Pin your favorite images + share on social! Don’t forget, whether you’re an entrepreneur or just living life… be brave! You got this! 

LEAVE A COMMENT! Do you think being an entrepreneur means being brave?

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