Be Productive While Working From Home

So you just started working remotely and need to know how you can be productive while working from home? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Working from home can have its benefits but it can also kill productivity if you’re not careful, I’d also say this is especially true for entrepreneurs and freelancers who can pretty much make their own schedule. Look, if I’m being honest, I struggled a ton with working from home and actually being productive. There are still some days that I want to skip the work and watch TV all day, cause let’s be real, the “I can do that later” idea is so appealing. And there are days, that I am burnt out and need rest, so I take it. But now most days, it’s about doing web design client work, content creation + getting all administration tasks and emails done. I’ll admit to not being perfect on the front (yet) but these are my main takeaways on how you can be more productive while working from home. 


1. Eliminate distractions

Turn off the tv, turn off phone notifications, pause certain websites and get off your social media. Whatever you can do to eliminate distractions, do it. Distractions are the main productivity killers when working from home, so try to eliminate them as quickly as possible.


2. Put clothes on

Yes, change out of those pjs and put on some real clothes. Now, I’m not talking all fancy, suit and all (unless you want to) but even nicer, lounge wear that makes you feel put together will work. I definitely was in the pjs all day phase for way more than I’d like to admit but that shift puts you in a better work mindset and makes you feel better overall.


3. batch work calls + meetings in the morning 

If you’re able to, batch work all your calls and meetings in the morning. That way you’re able to knock them out, be distraction free the rest of the day and make sure that you’re in work mode early on. I mean, you can’t miss a call, right?! Once you’re in work mode, you’ll be able to get back into the rest of your work much more easily. This also works by simply setting up deadlines and due dates for your own work. 


4. Set up a work space

Whether it’s your kitchen table, an office, a desk in your room or a corner, set up a designated work space. Now, admittedly, I tend to work at my kitchen table because my dog enjoys my company and likes being there rather than in my office/bedroom. I know when I’m there, I’m working and that gets you in that mindset.


5. Take a lunch break

Never in my life did I think the words, “I forgot to eat” would come out of my mouth, but they have a few time. On the days that you are in the zone, don’t forget to take breaks when you can and to eat. That keeps you productive longer and makes sure you’re actually creating quality work.


6. have a clock in + clock out time

When I worked in retail, we had to clock in and clock out every time we worked. I’m a stickler for being on time (or early) so I was always there when I needed to be. When I struggled to start work at a certain time, I put in a ‘faux’ clock in, clock out time so it felt more like a ‘real job’ with set hours. It may sound silly, but having a piece of paper taped to my wall with the times I started working was a visual representation of my commitment and it worked.


7. Just get started

Look, if all else fails, just get started on something work related. Again, I’ll be honest and tell you that there were plenty of days that I didn’t start my day til 11am because I didn’t want to get off my couch. But as soon as I started working, then all the other distractions didn’t matter. If there is a task that’s keeping keeping you from actually working in the first place, leave it aside for later and start on a smaller, more achievable task. This allows you to build momentum, get in the zone and ultimately get in a productive space.


These were my 7 tips for how you can be productive while working from home. Again, it’s easy to struggle with this, especially as someone who makes up their own schedule and day to day. Remember, it’s always about progress over perfection and simply getting started can be the best momenum builder. What are your biggest work from home tips?




Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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