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Bee Umana website is officially live and I’m so excited to share it with you. Brenda Umana, the owner of Bee Umana came to me looking for design refresh of Bee Umana and a new website for her new vision, OM Marketing (you can read more about that project here). Brenda had been using Bee Umana as her hub for her personal self as well as her marketing business. But her goal was to expand her marketing business by giving it a new home, which meant a lot of Bee Umana needed to be reconfigured to fit her personal brand and direct potential clients to the her multiple businesses (OM Marketing & Mother of the Mind) and allow for growth.

She really wanted a super clean landing page that easily directed visitors right away. If they chose to enter BeeUmana, they could at a glance continue to see what Brenda was all about and find the right resources for them. We kept it simple with a one page website and gave a facelift to her amazing blog. The design pulled elements from both Mother of the Mind & OM Marketing. From gradients to line art to a mix of fonts, it really brought together all the pieces in a cohesive, beautiful way.

Visit BeeUmana here!



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