Behind The Scenes Look At The Dragonfly Ave Relaunch

It’s been a week since we celebrated our re-launch of Dragonfly Ave and what can I say except that I’m still very excited about it!

Today, I wanted to share a behind the scenes look at the relaunch and the decisions, reasoning + strategy & what to expect in the future. 

Let’s start with the WHY! 

1. Why the rebrand + relaunch? 

Pretty much, it came down to clarity. Clarity over confusion and conversion over anything else. So let’s start with a bit of a back story – I’ve had my web design business for about 3 years now and with all the self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear & indecision, honestly, I had a bit of a hard time getting new clients. I kept changing my mind, changing my business model & switching between passions. On the one hand, I loved design + strategy and on the other, I loved baking & all things food & lifestyle. I went through every idea iteration possible for how to combine those. Truly, I DID NOT want to separate because it meant DOUBLE the work. And as someone still in side hustle mode, I did not have the time for that! In the midst of all this, I really dived deep into strategy & simplifying my business. I quickly and quite reluctantly realized that I couldn’t simplify or really integrate any of the strategies I knew could drive BIG results without a clear path. What’s more, is that I knew I couldn’t expect my potential clients to just ‘get it’, especially when I couldn’t myself. 

So I took a step back and really focused on how to simplify, work smarter not harder & still pursue both passions. Ultimately it came down to breaking apart my passions and still allowing them to feed off each other.

Honestly, as I started putting my strategies & ideas down on paper, not only did it seem doable but so exciting! 

I mean, I could have it ALL!! 

2. The Strategy behind the rebrand (or how it all works)

Basically, Dragonfly Ave will now be a business + lifestyle blog and Dragonfly Ave Studio will be dedicated solely to web design, strategy + business. 

Also, more of my focus will tend to be directly towards Dragonfly Ave Studio because I already have a way to monetize (meaning I design websites and get clients!). Since, Dragonfly Ave is more of a blog, monetizing will take a bit longer to do and I don’t expect a huge return right away – but I will say, I’m playing a long game when it comes to the financial possibilities. 

More importantly, potential clients when visiting Dragonfly Ave Studio will know that I design websites for women entrepreneurs. The audience on Dragonfly Ave will know that they can expect 2-3 blog posts a week with of a mix of recipes, style, everyday life & a mix of business, design & resources – all under one roof. 

It’s clear for both audiences what they can expect. Also, I know, I’ll be able to target & showcase my web design work (again with less confusion) and have an easier job on-boarding new web design clients with a site made specifically with those women in mind. 

3. What about the extra work!?

Now, I won’t lie – the extra work still frightens me a bit. However, I do plan on cross-promoting or cross-sharing content! What does that mean? It means that more likely than not, you will find all the web design advice (or at least snippets & excerpts of it) that are first shared on Dragonfly Ave Studio here. And if I have a great lifestyle tip that I believe will find value for my readers from her to the studio, then I’ll share it there. By cross-sharing, it actually just allows me to extend the shelf life of my posts and get even more out of them.

Will I still have to put in the work to create recipes & take photos & write about other topics, yes! But I love doing that already. So it quite frankly becomes less of a burden doing that without the worry of that content making me money than it was before. 

It allows for more experimentation, fun & creativity. At the end of the day – all that makes work not even seem like work. 


Truly, I hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes look and that it’s given you a bit of insight into what’s possible for your business & life. 

 I can’t wait to continue to share more!

Until then,



Hey, I’m Marci

I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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