Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts 

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Blessed Moments Blissful Hearts is a newborn and wedding photography business run by Amy Pazur. She helps capture moments for people during their most special times.

Amy wanted to showcase her expertise and 5 star reviews on her new site as well as clearly show her pricing + services related to each persons individual life stage. Through clean pricing tables + additional FAQs, her potential clients new exactly what to expect. We also made sure she was able to showcase her past client experiences in a dedicated reviews page as well as include 5 star graphics when possible. Adding gallery pages that were dedicated to both newborn + wedding allowed her customers a unique experience based on what they were looking for. Making it clear that she served both types of clients, made her site a better experience overall for her new potential clients. 

“Marci is amazing, helpful, and sweet! She took my site from a photo gallery to an ACTUAL website with a great layout, reviews, and something that I can be very proud of and that gives my customers information!!!”


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