Build Your Website In Minutes Using These 2 AI Website Builders

If you’re looking to build your website in minutes by only using text, then you’re going to love AI website builders. As a web designer, you may be wondering why I’m even sharing these with you, but honestly, they’re cool resources and I’m all about helping people get to where they want to be – if AI does that, then great! You’ll be able to build your website in minutes using these 2 AI website builders – so check them out and give them a try.


Framer is an AI Website Builder that let’s you design a website on a ‘freeform canvas’. Plus add animations, interactions and a CMS. It’s drag and drop and works a lot like Adobe XD. It is cool but I will say you need to be detailed with your prompts or you’re going to have to make a wide range of edits yourself. It does however integrate with Figma and provides SEO which are both pretty solid features.

Check Framer Out →


Hostinger is another AI Website builder that gives you a chance to tell it what your website is about to create a website. It takes about 1 minute to give you multiple pages. Again you do need to be pretty descriptive or the design comes out pretty basic, plus you’ll still need to make edits.

Check Hostinger Out →

Here’s a list of a few more AI website builders to check out:

Hocoos →

Wix ADI →

10Web →

Let me know what you think of these AI website builders and if you’d use them for your own business?

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