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Choosing A Website Platform

Choosing A Website Platform

Let me guess… You’ve researched all the options under ‘website platform’ and now you’re more confused and overwhelmed than ever? Even as a web designer, I’ve definitely been there. It’s easy to get caught up in what others are using, what you feel you ‘should’ be...

Pros + Cons Of Choosing Squarespace

Pros + Cons Of Choosing Squarespace

Squarespace is one of those semi-new website platforms that’s taking the world by storm. Squarespace is a great all-in-one platform that can be perfect for solo and creative entrepreneurs and small business. A key Squarespace focuses on is beautiful design. If you’re...

Pros + Cons To Choosing WordPress

Pros + Cons To Choosing WordPress

Wordpress is one of the biggest website platforms. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Wordpress and few pitfalls. It's important to consider both sides before choosing a website platform for your business. If you’re debating whether or not Wordpress will...

Getting Started Online & How To Import A DIVI Layout

Taking the first step to getting your business online can feel overwhelming, stressful, confusing and so much more. The truth is, it is hard, but my hopes for this post is to ease your stress and get you going in the right direction. You’ll learn what you need to get started online and how to import a divi layout so you can get a stunning online destination right from the start.

Create A 1-Page DIVI Website With Anchor Links

Creating a 1-page website with anchor links can be the first step to getting your business online. It keeps you from needing a ton of content, leads your audience to the most important aspects of your business including your shop, contact form, and opt-in. So let's...

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