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We’ve got a new product in the shop & personally I think it’s life changing. The new content calendar & planner bundle is now available! I created this because I needed something that worked for me personally. I was really tired of using multiple apps, planners, wasting paper, & feeling unorganized but couldn’t find something that felt worked for me. So obviously, I just created something for myself. I used Adobe XD (my favorite design tool ever) to create a blog post checklist and then expanded on it to create a topic reference list, a title list, a calendar and then finally a weekly calendar. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please note this post contains affiliate links. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will make a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

So what makes this bundle different than all the other planners & content calendars out there?

The flexibility, idea dump list option, reference list & the fact that you don’t have to use a ton of different platforms. If anything, the only one you’d need is Adobe XD. But I’ll break it down further below.

The topic reference list

The topic reference list is great to put down all the potential topics, general ideas, categories, series, concepts, etc. that you could about writing about. Oftentimes I forget about a resource or topic that I can write about if it’s not something I constantly think about. For example, I forget about tools I’m an affiliate about and know I’d like to write posts about but they weren’t top of mind. Now they are and I can make sure that I don’t forget about them.

No more switching platforms!

I had my blog post ideas list on my notebooks app, my to do list on Asana, something content calendar related on Trello (I tried it!) and handwritten to do lists. It was a mess and I hated it. Now, I can see everything on one file in Adobe XD and I can move around to see my content calendar, my to do list and my weekly calendar. It helps keep everything in line plus the weekly calendar has a section for my top weekly priorities so I can make sure those get done. It’s honestly SO f*cking nice not to have to switch between platforms and I feel like I have everything on an easy to view screen.


I’m a big believer in doing things that work for you and your business. Everyone has a unique way of doing things and has different needs. Which is why I made it flexible to use this bundle in multiple ways. The bundle itself comes with multiple file versions so you can choose your preference on how you actually use it. There is a PDF version available if you’d like to print it out & write on it, there’s a JPG version so you can upload it to a tablet for digital use or print it and finally the Adobe XD version which allows for more flexible digital use.

Obviously I’m totally biased but this content calendar & planner has already helped me a ton this year and I’m really hoping it helps you too! You can purchase the content calendar & planner here!

Want a freebie?

Get access to the blog post checklist for free inside the digital library! You can sign up here or click the button below!

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