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Corner Copy Shoppe is finally here and I’m really excited to share it with you! Dara Smith is a Brand Copywriter & Content Strategist who wanted a new brand that better represented her business. She’s an amazing copywriter, that’s worked / been featured on Target, Martha Stewart, House of Lilac, Pampers & more, and visionary and imagined combined the feel of coffee shops with her copywriting skills. Her new brand & home would allow her to bring in new clients and create a brand that felt like her.

When it came to her brand, she wanted a place that felt like home. Dara wanted to blend lo-fi, cozy vibes with a modern, timeless feel. We did exactly that. With a mixture of typography logos and a simple, yet cozy feeling website, we brought her vision to life. We played with shadows, curved coffee style text, fun icons and custom fonts to bring the Squarespace website to fruition. The end result was a fun, modern, cozy feel that looks amazing and attracts her ideal audience. We created an experience with her brand that not only draws you in with great copy & messaging but also makes you want to explore the site & ultimately reach out to work with her. Again, I’m so excited to share the new Corner Copy Shoppe brand & website experience.

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