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So you set up your website and did what everyone else has done: created an about page, a home page, blog, contact, service, shop, testimonials, buy now, search, social icons, free stuff, why i’m amazing, etc… all on your navigation bar. OR you tried to add some personal flair and add things like, all about me, love notes, works of art, the things i do, etc.. The navigation bar on your website is the main way people find out more information so it’s time clean it up and create an effective navigation bar. 

Now, realistically speaking, 3-6 navigation options are more than enough. There are times to make that exception but not in most cases.

So why only a few?

On your main navigation, you want to highlight the most important pages AND the pages you want people to go to the most. When you add more options, people go to analysis paralysis because they can’t decide where to go next.

You want to make things as simple as possible for people. You want to direct them to the pages that are going to make the biggest impact for your business. Think of your navigation links as different doors… do you want your visitor to have to keep opening different doors to get the information that you want them to get? Or do you want clearly defined doors that make it easy for people to walk through?

You also want to make it as clear as possible to the visitor. From what I’ve learned just in general in life, although you may understand something – it doesn’t mean everyone is going to understand. And if your visitor doesn’t get it, they are going to leave your website and go to another one. So that being said, label your navigation very clearly. Don’t try to be clever or original – go for clarity!

Don’t forget, your navigation bar is prime real estate on your website and is essentially the gps / roadmap to your site – one that you have control over! Keeping things simple, easy to read + conscise will allow you to create an effective navigation bar. 

LEAVE A COMMENT! What are the 5-6 pages you included? 


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