Creative Experiments 01: Overlapping Photo Effects

With the new year having started, I thought a lot about what I wanted to do & focus on this year. Aside from growing my design business I realized an urge to simple create and experiment with different ideas, concepts, etc. I feel like I put a lot of pressure to put out ‘content that sells’ or ‘content that helps grow’ rather than creating content just for the fun of it. Often times what tends to happen is I create some stuff and then never share it because I don’t know if it’s actually good enough or where it even fits into my business / blog. So I thought I’d create a series where I can freely share things I’ve created that I thought were cool so I could share it. One thing I’ve realized is no one truly knows what will work or what will be ‘the thing’ that goes viral or brings in a ton of success (especially if you aren’t putting things out, trying, failing & getting data) but if you want to get close to figuring it out – then you gotta have fun, create & share! 

For the first one in the series, I thought I’d actually share an old creative experiment that happened totally by accident. I was playing around with some stock photos from unsplash & pexels and accidently changed the opacity on the top photo which created an overlap / blended photo effect that I thought looked so cool! I kept creating different pieces using different photos – some of which I came up fictional brands for. Anyways, they are below so take a look and enjoy!

What have you created lately?

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