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In today’s video tutorial,  I’ll be going over how to customize your main navigation bar in your divi website. Your main navigation bar is prime real estate on your website and one of the first things visitors see. The DIVI theme allows for a few different custom looks that you can always update even further if you’d like. (Those further updates will be in a later video). Read more and watch the video tutorial on how to customize your main navigation bar using the DIVI theme below!


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How do I get started?  

I’d suggest before you start customizing your navigation, that you first set up your pages and menu. You can watch those video tutorials here: “Add main menu to your wordpress website” and “how to add pages to your wordpress website” for further assistance! This will help you set a foundation before getting into the customization part. Why? Things may look different when you change page names or add new pages. Your logo may affect the look of it too. So in order to get the final look, make sure you have the basics set up properly first. It’ll save you time from not having to edit it again later! 

Watch the full video tutorial below!

To recap: this is how to customize the main navigation bar in your DIVI website. You have 5 different default options that are already included in the DIVI theme. You are able to pay for a third-party plugin if you’d wish, but it’s been shared that DIVI is expecting a new update that allows for full navigation bar customization.  Until then, the 5 options you have are great! Stay tuned for more divi + design tutorials.

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