Dark Chocolate Bites

As much as I’ve tried – giving up chocolate is not at all on the list of what I want in life. I’m down for moderation but personally, I believe in creating a sustainable lifestyle you love – which sometimes includes indulging a bit. That’s when my dark chocolate fruit + nut bite come in.

What I love about these is that it’s fully customizable for YOU! Choose your favorite nuts, your favorite fruit, don’t use nuts, don’t use fruit, honestly, mix and match with your personal favs!

What this really means, is that I can make my favorite (chocolate & nuts – no fruit) while my mom can add all the dates & dried fruit she loves in addition to walnuts & pecans. And I don’t feel guilty not eating hers and not sharing… ?

What you need:

4 oz of dark chocolate
sea salt (optional)
walnuts, cashews, almonds (optional)
dried fruit, dates (optional)

What you do:

Get a tall pot with a long handle and a lid, pour the kernel and add the oil mix well so each kernel went through the oil bath.

  • Get a sauce pan or fondue pot on low heat on stove
  • Crush the chocolate (if you have a large block) into smaller pieces – if you’re using dark chocolate chips – ignore this step
  • Have a cookie sheet with parchment paper or foil over it & lightly spray with oil
  • Add the crushed chocolate into the sauce pan
  • Keep stirring chocolate as it will start melting fairly quickly and you want to make sure you don’t burn it. 
  • Once all chocolate is melted, pour & spread over the cookie sheet. You can use a spoon or flat spatula to spread the chocolate evenly. 
  • Optional: Add your crushed or whole nuts & dried fruit on top of chocolate. 
  • Place the pan into the refrigerator for chocolate to cool. 
  • Once cooled, remove the chocolate from cookie sheet and break into smaller pieces by either using a kitchen hammer or a knife. 
  • Enjoy!

Let me know what toppings you added on your chocolate bites! 

Until next time,





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I’m the web designer & developer and the woman behind Dragonfly Ave. I love sharing resources, tutorials, biz tips and so much more. Hope you enjoy!

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