DIY Bendy Candles

I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you because I’ve seen this trend all over the place and wanted to give it a try. Luckily, it worked and came out great! The trend I’m talking about is the Bendy Candle / Twisted Candle trend as seen on TikTok, Insta Reels & everywhere else content creators live. So I’ll be walking you through how to DIY Bendy Candles!

 A Few Tips

Before you get started you obviously need to buy some taper candles (unless you own some already). Make sure the candles are made of paraffin wax and don’t have a coated candle. I saw some other tutorial videos prior to making it myself and saw a lot of them breaking the candles because of the wax. I bought my candles from Hobby Lobby for $1.49/each.

Also, I used 8in and 10 in candles. Depending on what you want to bend them to, a longer size is better. I think candles (if available) that are longer than 10in will turn out a little better or at least give you more flexibility to bend to your liking.

Second, you can use a sink or container – totally your preference.

Third: make sure you bend the candles while in the water and make sure that water is still warm. I could start feeling them harden when I took them out of the water. This will keep the candles from breaking.


Watch the video for How to DIY Bendy Candles below:

Here are the steps to DIY Bendy Candles:

1. Warm up water until it’s medium warm-hot. It doesn’t have to boil but it does have to be a bit warmer.

2. Add the water to container (or do this in the sink if you prefer)

3. Add the candles to container filled with water

4. Let soak for 15 minutes

5. Start bending candles to your liking while IN the water. 

6. Once bent, let them sit outside or pour cold water on them to harden. 

7. Place where you like and enjoy!


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