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Super excited to share with you Dragonfly Ave branding + mood board. Although Dragonfly Ave (and myself) have evolved over time and will ultimately continue to do so, creating a core visual brand identity is important for every business in every stage. It truly allows you to align yourself with your mission on a visual level and stay consistent as you move forward. 

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If you ever asked me what my favorite color was growing up, I’d tell you that I couldn’t really pick. In fact, there was a point in time (high school) when I painted my bedroom with a dark chocolate stripe in the middle with a border of 10 squares around it, each with different colors… all because I couldn’t decide. Honestly, I still think it was the best painted room but the realtor did not agree when it was time to sell the house. Anyways, as you can imagine choosing a color palette was difficult. However, as I’ve grown since my high school days and have slowly found a love for neautrals and shades of blue. Ultimately, as I evolve Dragonfly Ave, I plan on focusing on more natural + simple vibes, and felt that the brands I aspire to work with appreciate the same. The black was also just a solid classic look that kept the logo + entire brand more universal (plus, I have too many black shirts in my closet that it was a no brainer). 

When it came to the feel + experience that I wanted visitors to have when they landed on Dragonfly Ave was a mix of authenticity + magic. I wanted you to feel comfort + extravagence without feeling like you need to be anyone other than yourself.  

As I continue to grow both the lifestyle side + the business services of Dragonfly Ave, I want to continue that feeling for all who visit. 

I chose images (from Unsplash) that I felt captured that feeling for when it came to the brand visuals. The website was built on DIVI + WordPress. Hope you enjoyed taking a behind the scenes look at the Dragonfly Ave branding + moodboard. 

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