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Dragonfly Ave got a new look! With the addition of the shop and my focus shifting to primarily web design services, I wanted the site to reflect those changes and be easier to navigate for the user. Although I really liked the look and ‘multi-passionate’ nature of the previous design, I began to notice that I was struggling to feel confident when sharing the site to different businesses. I felt a little embarrassed and weary that they may not take me seriously and that they may be confused as to what and how I could help them with their goals.

Since I still love creating content and sharing advice, recipes & lifestyle stories, I knew that it would stay but that it didn’t need to be explained to everyone visiting. They’d get it! What became more important was touching the pain points of my ideal clients, knowing what they needed & that I was there to help them achieve their goals. So although this redesign allows me to focus more on the needs of my clients, it also still gives me freedom to share stories within my blog. Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds and I’m excited to move forward with more confidence. 

If you’re interested in working with me to launch your results-driven website, you can learn more here!


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