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Can I be honest with you? I never really wanted to be on Youtube. Really all I use it for is to watch the latest music videos and tech tutorials from time to time. I don’t like showing my face, I don’t want to be on camera + I hate listening to my own voice. But as I kept diving into writing content, I knew I hated writing out step by step tutorials (that I was really bad at too) even more and that video tutorials just allowed me to work faster + get more done. Plus, I knew I could dive into each how-to tutorial better in a video than in writing. Which, now I get to say that Dragonfly Ave is on Youtube!! Yup, it’s official! 

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What you’ll find! 

For the time being, there will be a focus on DIVI tutorial videos, WordPress + other tech how-to’s. Although there are plenty out there already, I felt that there were still plenty of questions to be answered + that sometimes we all just want short videos rather than longer ones. You’ll be able to see quick step by step videos on our youtube page as well as here on the blog post.

In the future, I’ll be adding more tutorials in the lifestyle space (including my fav recipes) + other topics in business + life as I get more comfortable in front of the camera.

Why Youtube?

Honestly, I still don’t like it, I still cringe at my own voice, I still make mistakes, I still say the wrong things or get flustered as I’m making my videos. However, videos are changing the game in business, they’re a bit quicker to make (at least I think), + they’re ultimately easier for you to follow. The nice that is that I am started to simply share the video without having to show my face. Which, I’ll slowly work on but it’s nice to have some practice and get more comfortable. And frankly, you don’t need to see my face as I walk you through tech tutorials. Currently, I’m using the free version of screencast-o-matic that’s been awesome to use (+ highly recommend if you’re getting started just like me!)

 Where’s your channel at?

You can find the new Dragonfly Ave youtube channel here!


Ultimately, the fact that Dragonfly Ave is on Youtube was something I didn’t really imagine, but am also quite excited about. Again, it makes it easier for you to get the tutorials + resources you need to build an amazing website + build your business. I hope you’re as excited as I am and definitely check it out!


LEAVE A COMMENT! What are your thoughts on the new youtube channel? What are you most interested in learning?


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