Dragonfly Ave

brand identity | web design + development

I’m so excited to celebrate the Dragonfly Ave website launch! Dragonfly Ave is a design studio + lifestyle blog dedicated to empowering + inspiring you to eat well, stay creative, build your dream business + do what makes you happy. 

When it came down to the website design, it was important to keep it strategic + clean for visitors. The most difficult aspect was combining my two passions of food + design and how to make that clear + put that forward in a way that wouldn’t distract or hinder potential design clients from inquiring. 

Ultimately, what I decided was that the food aspect would be a more prominent factor within the lifestyle blog and not so much throughout the site. That allowed me to showcase more of the design studio (the more prominent money making side) including my portfolio, client testimonials + inquiry forms.  

The rest was keeping the clean, approachable + classic style throughout the site with a beautiful mix of design, business + food styled stock images. The end result really came together quite beautifully and I’m excited to share it with you! 

So take a look around, explore, celebrate the Dragonfly Ave website launch + welcome to the new Dragonfly Ave!


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