Dragonfly Ave – Website Relaunch

Jan 9, 2019 | Showcase

We got a new look!! ? Throw the confetti & get something poured into your glasses, cause we are taking a mini moment to celebrate the relaunch of Dragonfly Ave!


Now, not only did we get a new look, but we got a new purpose. ?? 

The new purpose for Dragonfly Ave is to be a business + lifestyle blog for modern day women (which, let’s be real – means everyday, badass, chasing their dreams, taking action, killing the game, pursuing happiness, doing what they want & so much more women). In other words – YOU!


You can expect to see a combination of business related & life related posts such as productivity, web design + photography tips, business strategy, mindset shifts, recipes, wellness, self-love + confidence, home + workspace decor, style & so much more…


Another fun announcement… my mom is joining the team (team meaning me ?). Now, she has told me time and time and time and again that she’s okay being a behind the scenes silent creator. However, personally – knowing her, I know she is super creative, super AMAZING cook, super funny & insightful and I think she deserves a bit more credit than just being ‘silent’. So hopefully (meaning, if she lets me) you’ll be seeing her actual face around here & not just mine.


Now, as I mentioned above – the purpose has changed from what it was originally, which was supposed to be all this AND a web design studio. Personally, I thought it was confusing & I knew if I was confused, so would any potential client. So now you can head over to Dragonfly Ave Studio or click here and work with me directly to launch your website! ?


I’ll be sharing a bit more about my decision, reasoning & any other detail about this change in a later post. But if I can leave you with anything, it’s that you should always strive for clarity (especially on your website)!



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