Flodesk vs Mailchimp: What you need to know & which is better

I recently made the switch from Mailchimp to Flodesk and now I’m spilling all the tea to share about everything Flodesk vs Mailchimp: What you need to know & which is better. I used Mailchimp for roughly 3-4 years and know quite a bit about it. Flodesk is a new platform but I’ve been considering switching ever since I heard about it. Before we get started, I always want to say that I’m a big believer of using platforms that work for you. So at the end of the day, especially if you’re thinking of switching or just getting started, make sure you are choosing because it will work for you and your business! Okay, let’s get started with Flodesk vs Mailchimp: what you need to know & which is better!

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Ease of use

Flodesk is by far one of the easiest & most user friendly email marketing platforms I’ve used and seen. They offer a clean, easy to use interface so everything is easy to find. Plus, all their email templates are drag and drop, no code required and have pre-designed templates options. Whether you’re just starting out or have been using email platforms for a while now, Flodesk is one of most user friendly!

Mailchimp is fairly user friendly. I think as they’ve grown and added new features, the design and ease of use has become cluttered. Which personally means, making things hard to find and not as easy to use. They do offer premade templates though and a drag and drop system as well.


Flodesk pricing is super simple! It’s $38/month with unlimited everything with a 30 day free trial. There are no subscriber limits, no feature restrictions, nothing. It’s honestly really great because you don’t have to worry about what you have access to or how many subscribers you have. Plus, if you sign up via my link here you get 50% off Flodesk – which means only $19/month!

Mailchimp pricing is a bit more confusing. They do offer a free plan for up to 2000 subscribers which is great but it does come with limits. Paid plans start at $9/month. Pricing plans will dictate what is available to you from certain features to subscriber limits. I think with Mailchimp, it’s very important to know what features are available on what plan and then choose accordingly.


Flodesk is still a relatively new platform so they don’t have all the features as others might. However, they are constantly adding new features and updates so I’m certain they’ll get there. But currently they offer drag and drop templates, pre-designed templates, popups, landing pages, analytics, segmentation, color segments & folders for organization, workflows, automations, multiple audiences, social media, instagram and more.

Mailchimp has a lot of features but availability of those features will depend on what plan you’re on. The free plan is quite limited so you’re more than likely going to have to pay for features. Some current features include: drag and drop, html, multiple lists, segmentation, automation, transactional emails, landing page, web builder and more!

I would definitely look into what features are the most important to your business and see which email marketing platform will work better.


Again, because Flodesk is still relatively new they don’t have all the integrations as other platforms might. However, you do embed the forms with a little code so you don’t really need it (but it’s always nice). You can also integrate with more platforms using Zapier when needed. 

Mailchimp has a lot of big name integrations like Squarespace & DIVI and more. You can also use Mailchimp with Zapier as needed. However, there are certain platforms that no longer directly integrate with Mailchimp.

Affliate Program

Let’s be real, it’s always a huge plus when a program you use & love offers an affiliate program. Flodesk makes it super easy and anyone who has an account has access to their affiliate program. You can make $19 for every referral, which is pretty damn nice.

Mailchimp kind of, sort of, not really has an affiliate program. They actually have a referral program that saves you money and puts money towards your account. However, you do have to be on a paid plan to qualify.


Flodesk offers free email support to all their customers and non-customers. In my experience they’ve always responded within 24-48 hours and have been super friendly. They also have a support / help center with a lot of documentation.

Mailchimp only offers support to those on a paid plan. Which means, if you’re on their free plan – good luck if you have questions. Since I was only ever on their free plan, the only support experience I had was when helping a client. They do offer chat & email support and were fairly friendly. They also have detailed documentation. 

Why I Switched

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to switch. I hadn’t reached 2000 subscribers and was on a legacy Mailchimp plan which gave me access to a few more features so I didn’t really need to. However, I wasn’t really emailing my list and kind of dreaded going on to make emails. Plus, I added a Shopify site and it was easier to integrate with Flodesk than Mailchimp. (Learn how to add a Flodesk form to Shopify here)! I knew my business was growing and thinking long term, I knew I was going to switch over eventually. Ultimately with Shopify, pricing and how beautiful the templates were, I just decided to take the plunge and do it now.

So far, I’ve been loving it! There isn’t much that I’ve been missing from Mailchimp and because it’s so much simpler, I send way more emails to my list. I will also say, as a designer, I’m a sucker for a good interface and Flodesk just won my heart!

If you’re considering switching, I’d definitely look into the features you cannot live without and also what email marketing platform you’re more likely to use. Email is so important to a business and having a platform you actually love to use, I think, is equally as important. So that’s it, that’s Flodesk vs Mailchimp: What you need to know & which is better. Which personally, I’m a Flodesk fan!

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