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So I’ve recently been watching The Big Flower Fight on Netflix and it is AMAZING!!! If you haven’t checked out The Big Flower Fight, it’s a competition show about floral installations. The 2 person teams, mixed of floral design pros, artists, gardeners, designers & some even with little to no experience, are competing making beautiful sculptures for a chance to win theirs displayed at the London’s Royal Botanic Garden. Honestly it’s such a good & interesting show and it’s been cool to get a look inside the floral design world. The art & floral sculptures are incredible & it’s just so cool to see. I’m probably going to end up doing a floral website design template to add to the shop.

Until then, I’ve rounded up some cool floral designs I’ve found on Pinterest & wanted to showcase it here. But definitely do yourself a favor and check out the show!



Quick disclaimer: All these photos were found on Pinterest, I did not take any & do not claim to own them. I’ve tried my best to provide photo credit to the correct person. However, if I messed up the photo credit and you know the original creator, please let me know so I can add the proper credit. Thank you!


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