Focaccia Bread

Mmm… Focaccia bread. A few weeks ago my brother sent my mom and I a photo sharing his freshly baked Focaccia bread. It looked delicious. Later, he brought some over so we could share and it was gone in less than 30 minutes. We ate it with some goat cheese, olive oil and even added fresh blackberries on top. It was so damn good! 

He said he got the recipe from Bon Appetit and sent it over for me to try. It took me a week or so to finally make it but since I’ve made it twice and both times were a hit. It’s so good! Plus, it’s large enough that it lasts me 1 week (as long as I spread out my bread eating). 

I’ve baked bread before but I will say this one was really easy to follow. Personally, I’d add a little bit less salt – but I’d suggest following the recipe and then making your own changes. 

You can find the recipe on Bon Appetit here! Enjoy! 


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